The Qualia Difference
is grounded in hope

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Qualia's Approach

Renewed Hope in Recovery

Successful recovery at Qualia is achieved through renewing hope in a supportive environment that considers all of the unique needs of our residents. Our programs are designed to promote and support recovery through engagement in a recovery community; this includes coaching and guidance in health, relationships, career, academics, finances, and spiritual deepening. Our residents will begin learning how to successfully integrate into the outside community, while continuing to grow towards gaining a new level of self-sufficiency and engagement. This always looks different for each of our residents, but some attend college, while others gain full-time employment.

Transitional Living in a Safe and Supported Environment

Generally, residents at Qualia come directly from a primary treatment environment. Our extensive assessment process allows us to develop a customized program by determining what level of support each resident needs to meet their ongoing life and work goals. Our live-in, professional staff supports residents with meal planning, budgeting, coordinating transportation needs, as well as re-establishing balanced and healthy social and creative activities among the outside world. This support is intended to provide a smooth transition during this important phase of recovery.

What does Residential Recovery look like?

Qualia recognizes that individuals at varying stages of life have different needs, and each person’s path is unique. Therefore, we offer targeted programs for working professionals, young adults, and students. We also address a broad spectrum of issues, not just substance use.

Qualia Case Management and Coaching

We support, coordinate, and advocate for you and your family.

Because Qualia offers case management and recovery coaching, each individual will be assigned a case manager/coach. Qualia case managers will help each resident and their families access needed clinical support. Qualia can also assist residents and their families with Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and other higher levels of care, as appropriate. Since some residents may already have their own private therapist, psychologist, and/or psychiatrist, Qualia will coordinate appointments to ensure continuity.

Note: The initial recovery plan may also include additional professional services.

Family Coaching

Family members are often the ones helping their loved ones with many different needs at this critical stage of recovery, which can be stressful for all involved. To help with this, Qualia offers family coaching. Family coaching is included with our transitional program and can also be provided to any family in need of support and guidance. Both residents and family members are given individualized resources to help with their recovery process. Our commitment is to provide a family plan for healing and supporting families throughout their identified loved ones’ stay with Qualia that outlines the best options for the next steps. We have found that having a trusted advisor to help navigate this process is invaluable.

Several times a year, our clinical and coaching staff conducts family workshops and retreats to educate, support, and address deeper issues, while offering continued hope. This type of interaction with other families, who are on the same healing journey, helps everyone gain new insights and realize that they are never alone in this process.